What are the acrylic bathtub plate

The domestic market has three kinds of acrylic sheet: special acrylic board, sanitary ware ordinary acrylic sheet and ABS acrylic composite plate. After the two plate because of the material itself has some defects, in fact not suitable for manufacturing bathtub, bathtub, sanitary ware.

The chemical name of methyl methacrylate acrylic, namely "organic glass". For sanitary ware special acrylic plate due to its excellent surface finish degree, its wear resistance is equivalent to aluminum, not easy to hair brush, easy cleaning. If the surface of the accident, as long as the use of polishing agent, you can quickly and easily remove. Again because the plate itself has a certain flexibility, even if the surface is not easy to crack, broken, broken. In addition, ware special acrylic plate also has a strong resistance to rot and light transmittance, and because the pigment can be dissolved into the plate, and the color is stable, long-term sun and rain also not easy to fade. Therefore, the special acrylic plate ware in addition to being used for indoor and outdoor decoration, is also widely used in other industries.

Baia bathroom editor comment

Acrylic bathtub is the use of special acrylic plate, has a strong advantage. Not only strong and durable and strong resistance to rot and color stability and so on. Therefore, acrylic bathtub is becoming more and more popular, this and acrylic bathtubs plate is has the very big relations, but also the consumers purchase need to pay attention to the place.