Acrylic bathtub? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it

Acrylic is the most prominent feature is the styles, a variety of shapes and sizes, high-grade often with audio-visual equipment, massage equipment, and so on.

But there are many deficiencies of acrylic:

First of all is not durable, surface easy to scratch, scratch easily hang dirt and acrylic as a plastic material, and is easy to aging discoloration, the best material most can only guarantee 3 ~ 4 years do not change color.

Secondly, acrylic insulation ability is not good. This is a misunderstanding of human existence, although acrylic itself is insulation, but because its strength is insufficient, the bottom of the bath into the ground must be filled with gravel. These thermal conductive filler capability is extremely strong, so the actual decoration good use of acrylic bathtub holding ability is poor.

Third, acrylic bathtub and environmental protection. This is a misunderstanding of the people, the surface of acrylic bathtub is PMMA, which belongs to the plastic material recycling use. But PMMA is very soft, not suitable for acrylic bathtub, so the back is reinforced with glass fiber. These enhanced materials by the combination of PMMA and cannot be separated, and these materials cannot be recycled. Therefore, in addition to landfill or waste acrylic bathtub completely crushed as filler, no way out.

Finally, as a personal opinion, think it is best not to long-term use of acrylic bathtub. Although PMMA plastic itself is harmless, but when making any plastic, must use a variety of additives. These additives in hot water is very easy to release, very serious when you can see the surface of the bubble bath. Because there are tens of thousands of additives used in the production process of plastic, so the human body is not affected, it is not clear. (like artificial stone bathtub, may be used in the event that the plasticizer to Taiwan poly two carbamate additives)

Individuals can feel that, my home is Yakeli bath crock, the acrylic bathtub is mainly cheap, this was not how many meters can only willing to buy this, quality no problem, style I quite like, mainly is not dirt, this very let me worry.

Advantages: the style is novel, the price is cheap.

Advantages: dirty, poor insulation effect, easy to scratch bumps.